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By Sean H.
Excellent door
September 22, 2016
Love the door! Just using it in simple timer mode. I am finding myself wishing for a simple feature though, just an easy way to open or close it manually. At the moment I can only manage to do this by going into the menu and back to open/close callibration to manually open or close it. Is there an easier way?
By Jim F.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
October 15, 2015
I just love it and can say there are no drawbacks at all. It was east to install, easy to set and resetting is a breeze. It works extremely well and is so handy for me as a late riser!
By Eddie R.
update on auto chicken door
March 23, 2015
I meant to do this sooner but time got away from me. It has been 9 months since I got the replacement door and it has NOT missed a beat. This is the best money I have ever spent. anybody out there thinking of getting one of these get it now you won't regret it.
By Tom B.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
December 17, 2014
Bought this unit last spring. Bought the battery powered light sensor unit. Because I do not read direction, it took more time than it should to get it set up properly. After that it has worked perfectly. This unit would be a bargain at twice the price. I love it. No more going out in the rain or late at night to lock up the chickens. I haven't lost a chicken since I purchased it. Buying this is a no brainier for anyone raising chickens.
By Terry N.
Chicken door
November 26, 2014
I've had mine for years, and love it. Not only does it make life easier day to day, but it also makes it easier to find some one to stop in every other day if i want to take a vacation. No need for them to open and close the henhouse at special times.
By Eddie R.
Auto chicken coop door
June 13, 2014
Got my door on a Friday and installed it and it did not work. took it out and the next Monday I took it back to Fleming and got a replacement and reinstalled the new one and it has been working great for about a week now. I did get a digital timer from Lowes and it is very accurate. Looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. will update later when I have had this door longer.
By Donna S.
Automatic Chicken Door
May 15, 2014
An awesome product for anyone with chickens who would like to get away or not have to run out to the coop in the early morning or late at night.
By Carolina
High Quality!! Good Looking!!
April 17, 2014
I had a snafu with the cheap timer, but Fleming's quickly replaced it. The door was simple to install, looks elegant (really) with it's stainless steel door, and is surprisingly quiet, which was a requirement for us. Once you own this, you can never go back to being your chickens' doorman servant twice a day.
By Lorri E.
automatic coop door opener
March 3, 2014
Purchased 2 months ago, easy to install and works well, very happy with it so far
By Judy
chicken coop door
February 26, 2014
This is great!!! I was wondering how I could make life easier by having an auto door closer but I did not think there was such a thing. I was so happy to find this! It is working great, was easy to install, and the chickens are out each morning and locked in at night. I compared it to others, and felt this was a more sturdy door. Five stars!
By L D.
chicken door opener
February 7, 2014
Don't know why I waited so long to get this device; it saves a trip outside in very cold weather in the mornings and I don't have to worry about being away at night when the varmints are waiting for a slip up on my part. I did have to return to motor to the manufacturer as it did not work but a replacement came quickly and we were in business.
By Jay
Excellent product
December 27, 2013
I purchased this item 2 months ago. Had it installed in no time. Has been working fine. The shipping amazed me-I ordered it on Sunday night and it was delivered on the following Wednesday. I've read all 50 reviews of this product and did not find anyone mention what I have found it to do. The egg laying has almost tripled since the chickens are getting at least 10 hours of light as they say they need. Don't have to worry about sleeping in now.
By Tammi H.
Automatic Chicken door opener
November 15, 2013
WOW! I am pleased with this item. I no longer have to get up every morning and or evening to open or close the door we had. A MUST have Item for your sake!!!
By Paula
I can finally sleep in!!
November 9, 2013
I got this as a birthday gift and have been using it for about a month now. I couldn't be happier! I can sleep in knowing the girls will be let out first thing in the moring and I sleep well at night knowing they are safe. Thank you!!
By MGross
Chicken Coop Door
September 30, 2013
We love this door. Was very easy to install and works great. We have very busy schedules and we love that we don't have to worry about our chickens being safe at night.
By Karen
automatic chicken door
August 19, 2013
Very easy to install. Quality materials. No exposed working parts. The door works great and will save the lives of your chickens. We have so many predators, if I didn't close the door right at dusk we would lose birds. Now we can go out to dinner or whatever and not worry about rushing home to close up the chickens before they're killed. Wish I had bought this door years ago when we first got our chickens.
By Pete
Chicken Coop Door
August 14, 2013
Worked great once I figured the timer out, followed the directions from fleming on the bright red paper to pull two timing pins out for each time and had problems, read the directions for the timer and just used one pin per time and it worked great. Very secure, smooth operation, easy to install
By Tracy
Works Great
August 1, 2013
We were having problems with Raccoons getting in the coop. This solved that problem. We will be buying another for our meat kings coop. It's a great product. No problems with Timer but we did change to one that has battery back up in case of power outage.
By Wendy
July 9, 2013
I love, love, love, our new Automatic Chicken Coop Door! Our daughter got married last weekend and I knew that we were going to be away from home for 4 days over her wedding weekend. Although I had a good friend come by once a day to check on things, I really didn't want to burden her with making sure the coop was opened early each morning and shut securely at dark each night. So, I purchased the automatic coop door and it works wonderfully! It was easy to install and set up and has taken all the worry about rushing home at dusk if we happen to be away at nightfall. LOVE this product and highly recommend it!
By Larry
Automatic chicken coop door
June 6, 2013
This is a great door,better than others I looked at. Installation was easy. It is great that now I do not have to go out to the hen house each night to close the door and each morning to let them outside. I have to keep them secure at night to keep out the wild critters. They are very secure with this door. A great buy!!!
By Tim m.
auto chicken door
April 30, 2013
Everything was great except for the cheap timer, had to replace that.
By lew
automatic door
April 15, 2013
I really like my new door it was very easy to install and set up however I would advice u to install a new timer instead of the cheap one that comes with the door I got two doors one timer worked and one stopped working after2 days and the chicks were stuck inside till I came home, never knew of a timer to go bad but theirs did other than that the door is really well made with quality material that's resistant to the weather, and living on a farm I feel better knowing the chicken are closed up for the night and I have one less job to do before bed. thanks
By DeLong R.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
March 22, 2013
This door is great. Wish we'd bought it years ago and before some of our chickens were killed. We did change the timer to an automatic digital one right from the beginning and did have to use "L" brackets to attach on the bottom since it's cement. I would recommend this to everyone.
By S J.
Automatic chicken door
February 27, 2013
2/26/2013....I installed this door yesterday and it was just as easy as their video. I tested it and it worked as shown. We will put it to use when our chicks are grown. Nice construction and well worth the price.
By Cile
chicken door
February 21, 2013
We have had this door installed for about a month and have been very happy with it. The timer was a little sensitive and took a little trial and error, but now we have had it working perfectly for a couple of weeks. The door was very easy to install.
By Roger
automatic coop door opener
February 8, 2013
This device was a life changer. I'm no longer tied to opening and closing the coop door morning and night to protect the flock, now that job is reliably automated. I can even go on vacation if I want, the neighbors don't mind coming by for free eggs during the day. If you've got electricity to your coop you need this door.
By Kelly j.
Automatic chicken door
January 5, 2013
Love this door! Very easy to install, works like a charm. My girls love it too! Thanks!
By S H.
Love the auto door!
December 19, 2012
We have not finished out coop yet, but have installed the automatic chicken door and it works great. I think it will be a real asset on cold mornings when we don't get out as early as the chickens want to! It installed very easily, especially since we are building a coop. The only thing I had a slight problem with was connecting the power cord to the motor inside the white box. Maybe it shifted in shipping or something, but the connection was a bit off center and seemed to move around some in there so when I tried to connect the power cord, it was quite difficult to do. Once I got it connected, it worked like a charm! Gave it four stars for all the motor movement as it seems that it needs to be much more stationary than mine was, but if it weren't for that, it would be 5 stars all the way!
Fleming Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener
December 15, 2012
We have only had this door a short time but are very pleased with it. Well Built, easy to install, set up and program. This is already making our daily routine of "letting the girls out" and "..did you close up the coop?" much easier. Very pleased with our purchase.
By Chris S.
Coop Door
November 10, 2012
Great door. Came as described and is well-built. The timer works well and the door closes without any issue. I was a little worried about how heavy the door would be if it closed on one of my girls, but it has a light touch though it secures very well. I got the door so I can stay in bed without having to let my hens out and so I can go for a couple of days without worrying about unwanted visitors. Very happy with my purchase.
By wfig
Auto Door
November 10, 2012
Easy to install, good looking unit, works perfectly.
By Tim R.
Automatic chicken coop door
November 3, 2012
Works great, bought this door a month or so ago. I had a little trouble getting the timer to work (there were no instructions on how to set it). I contacted customer service and got a quick response on how to set it. Now it is working great. Very convient especially since winter is comming.
By Tom
Well Done!
October 22, 2012
Very nicely designed, well put together, and shipped safely and quickly. It's easy to install and opens and closes quickly. I especially like that the operating parts are hidden and protected behind a panel.
By Joe B.
Automatic chicken coop door
October 13, 2012
So far,it is great
By Lynn K.
Automatic chicken coop door
October 2, 2012
I am very happy with this door! The installation was remarkably easy and straight forward. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this. Have had it in place for several weeks with perfect performance.
By Dan H.
Automatic Chicken Door
September 3, 2012
I have been using one of the doors since June 2012 and it has been working great. It only took a few days to get the all of the chickens trained to get in the coop before the door closes for the night. My coop has two divided pens and I have added a second automatic door in August 2012. It also has been working great. I really like the ease of installing the door and setting the timer up for operation. I have been out in the coop very early in the morning before the doors are set to open and the chickens are patiently waiting (as patient as a chicken can be :) ) for the door to open. This is a very well made product and I would highly recommend it to anybody.
By Debbie J.
cheap timer
August 4, 2012
When we ordered our door we were told a good digital timer would be included. So we ordered the door. It is aa well made door but to our surprise a $3.00 timer came with our order. We called and were told they no longer send the digital timers with the door. That we would have to buy our own. We did but we were very disappointed we were not told thid when ordering such an expensive door.
By John L.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
July 6, 2012
Excellent quality product that frees me from the need to open and close the chicken house door. Easy installation and simple, durable construction ensures continued reliability.
By Denise
Chicken Coop Door
June 27, 2012
Fantastic,well-made product! It works very nicely. I searched a long time(years) before finding this door and then waited again while I compared it to other products. It is well worth the money,and I am very happy with this door.
By Denise
Automatice Chicken Coop Door
June 15, 2012
What a great buy!!! Well made and works! This product has made taking care of my flock effortless. Just check now and again to make sure the passage area is reasonably clear of debris. I can't get over how well made this unit is and easy to install. Very glad I bought it.
By Kevin T.
POOR Instructions
June 9, 2012
I got my door, pulled it out of the box and when I went to install it ran into several problems. The quality of this product is outstanding except the door motor power connection was loose and off center so that I could not make the electrical connection without removing/lowering the door to make this connection. Then the instruction I got was not for the equipment I ordered and was pooly explained. I write job sheets for a living and I hate it when companies do not take the time to issue CLEAR and detaied instrucions or like mine, send me the wrong ones to start with.
By Denise H.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
May 31, 2012
This is the finest door on the market. I waited 1 year before buying this door. During that time I reviewed numerous products,but always came back to this one. It is well-made and works. I without question recommend this product.
By Kevin
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
May 30, 2012
This unit installed (easy) and was a breeze to program. I have had the door for approximately two weeks now and it is working wonderfully! I would recommend this coop door to those who do not want to get up so early (and night) to let the chickens go in and out of the coop. Very good workmanship! I highly recommend it!
By Theresa
Automatic coop
May 24, 2012
This door works fine. Was easy to install. Opening is rather small, so if you have large breed chickens, this might be a problem. Be aware power disruption does alter the timer. Because of this we decided to convert this model to solar, and ordered what was specified by this manufacturer. Be aware the solar panel recommended is for indoor use, and so I found this panel useless for my application. Went to local Hardware store to get correct solar panel which was weather proof. The most difficult thing was programming the timer.
By candice
chicken door opener
May 24, 2012
Love this door opener! I have had it up and running for 3 weeks now and it is working great. The chickens were using it while we were still installing it! My only concern is that the door will not function properly if the power goes out. I will probably run solar power to it as we are gone for several days at a time. Over all a great product. Wish I had bought it a long time ago!!
By John
Automatic Coop Door
May 14, 2012
Great product. Lets the chickens be self sufficient. Works very well. Wish the timer could be digital to fine tune the times though.
By Dave G.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
May 9, 2012
Great product! Have three (3) of these coop doors and they all work perfect and flawless. Easy and quick to install. Gives peace of mind that if, or should I say when, the night predators come around, the chickens are safely secured from danger lurking in their neighborhood. I highly recommend these doors to anyone with chickens that do not have or do not want to take the time and effort to open and close the coop daily and nightly.
May 5, 2012
good product , works great
By mike
auto chicken door
April 20, 2012
the door performs as specified however the shipping condition was not acceptable. the wooden shipping braces were broken and the motor was flopping around loose!
By S G.
Automatic Chicken Coop Door-Heavy Duty
April 16, 2012
The door has been working just fine since we installed it. It has been more reliable than the last two automatic doors we have tried. They would get stuck up or down and you would have to remove the motor, unwind or unkink the cord and then reinstall the motor. The last one was messing up on average 2 times a week.

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