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By Don M.
South Central Kansas
September 19, 2017
Great purchase!
Our chicken door is just what we needed. Now we can be gone for a few days without worry. Easy to install. We had trouble programming, but contacted the factory and they determined we had a defective unit. We had a new unit within a week and programming was easy.
ProsNo more worries! Entering the latitude and longitude and letting the unit do the rest has worked well.
ConsNone at this time.
By Julie
Edgartown, mass
September 6, 2017
Love ir!
So easy to install, chickens are safe! I'm happy!!
By Gene
West Virginia
August 27, 2017
Great product
I purchased this auto door so my Wife & I could take a couple trips, and not worry about our chickens. Love how well it works.
ProsAutomatically adjusts with the changing time events, plus the "last chance" feature for the late comers.
ConsAuto Door a little pricey, however Fleming Outdoors has the best price for this product that I could find anywhere.
By Al
Prospect, OH
August 27, 2017
Great product!
A must for free range. Can't believe I didn't install this sooner.
ProsEasy install. Fit right over my old manual door. Battery back up takes worry out of power going out. Also great if in remote area with no electricity.
ConsNone so far.
By Lisa M.
Duluth, MN
August 25, 2017
Luv our new set of doors!
We just installed the second door in our 2nd coop. So far we are very pleased with them and installation is so easy. Thanks. We have a friend who is interested in ordering from you as well. They had never heard of these products before.
By John
Schwenksville, PA
August 23, 2017
So far so good
I've been using this for a week now and it's worked great. It was really easy to set up and install. I set to open 30min after sunrise and close 30min after sunset. All my hens got used to it right away. I use only the batteries as I don't have a power source to my coop and I'm using it on the exterior. This was obviously made to be mounted on the interior but that wasn't an option for me due to the coop size (4x6) and I'd have to crawl inside every time I needed to change the program or test it. If you're going to mount it outside you'll need to make some alterations. You'll need to add a 2x3 or something as a bottom support as the per drilled bottom holes are made to screw down into a floor, you'll need to add an additional threshold at the bottom where the door closes into the bottom track (there's only one and it's on the wrong side of the door when mounting on the outside of the coop) so no predator can open it. Finally you'll need to add some type of drip edge or overhang to help protect the electronics from rain. They're really need to alter the frame to make it more easy to install from the exterior.
ProsEasy to program and install, works great. The door is also very solid. Seems to be at least 1/8" thick.
ConsNot really set up for exterior installation. Several important alterations are required. See comments.
By Jim
July 16, 2017
As Advertised
The other reviews on this door were what convinced me to get it. It's been great so far. The set-up instructions were easy to follow and Fleming Outdoors had the best deal I had seen on it over the course of several months. I built a 4x6 coop from scrap lumber I had on the farm, so this door is by far the biggest monetary investment I have made in my free range chickens. It definitely makes my life easier and gives a lot of peace of mind. I hope it lasts a long time.
By Tom
Brooklyn New York
July 15, 2017
Life Changer
So far so good. I now get to sleep a little later and don't have to stress about getting them in at night. I work many evenings and don't always have someone to close them up for me. It was very easy to install.
ProsProgrammable with Sunrise and Sunset with added feature of adding or subtracting minutes from these times. Installs with just 4 screws! Has a battery back up!
ConsNone yet!
July 6, 2017
Great Auto Door
Fleming delivered very promptly and the product works exactly as described. I highly recommend the combination of Fleming and this door
By John
June 21, 2017
Outstanding product
I have been resistant to buy an auto door due to price, however decided to give this one a try because I liked its construction. Performs very well out of the box. Easy setup and plenty of options for use. I did add a threshold to create a door slot on the base because I installed externally on the coop; Seems to be designed as an internal install but build to withstand elements. Very happy with this door.
ProsAs close to plug & play as you can get for this type of install
ConsNot as flexible as I'd like for internal or external install, but still practical.
By jane h.
June 16, 2017
chicken door
A little hard setting it up to sun mode, but the people a were great. I feel that the string is a bit flimsy, but will give it chance.
By Hank's M.
June 8, 2017
Outstanding value
This is SO worth buying! The girls aren't stuck in the coop til I decide to get out and open the door. As the lighting changes with the seasons, I just adjust the opening time and they are up with the sun and in the coop before the door closes at night. I have the solar panel attached to the outside of the coop and have only changed batteries once in 3 years. I absolutely love this auto coop door!
ProsNo hassles
ConsHard to remember how to change settings so I had to write the directions on the unit with a sharpie.
By Andrea H.
United States
May 31, 2017
Must Have
Your door has made my chickens and me VERY happy. It opens at 6:45a.m. and closes at 9p.m. I don't have to worry about my girls if I get home late.
ProsEasy to install and set up. And as the seasons change here in Pennsylvania the time will be easy to adjust.
By Johann
Byron, NY
May 12, 2017
My chickens are safe
Excellent product! Works great, easy to install- I am glad I have it.
By Sally T.
May 7, 2017
Working well so far!
We've just installed it and it's working perfectly so far.
By Dan
Northwest Arkansas.
May 7, 2017
It just works
Unit sturdier than expected. Super easy install. Programming was step by step. Instructions even included finding your local gps location and local time offset. So far, it just works.
ProsEasy install. Easy programming.
ConsNone yet
By Jerianne
Kewaskum WI
April 25, 2017
Chicken coop automatic door.
Easy to install. Works great. I should have gotten one sooner!!
April 7, 2017
13 year old daughter set this up - easy!
Thrilled with our first few weeks of the Automatic door. Just 4 screws to install it in coop. Husband and 11 year old son did it easily and our 13 year old daughter set the time and latitude and longitude. First night it closed right at 7:30pm at sunset. Chickens had gone in to roost at 6:55 So no problem with anyone locked out. Now they are let out much earlier in the morning on the sunrise time. We have not experimented with an offset and are just using the sun settings. Great product!
ProsMuch easier way to let out the chickens in the morning. Vacations are possible!
ConsNone works great!
By Robert b.
Brooksville ga
March 15, 2017
Product fine free shipping offer a day late!
Day after I ordered door I got an e mail offering free shipping on automatic chicken doors :-( the door works as advertised so far.
Merchant Response:If you only missed it by a day then call us and we can get you a refund for your shipping :) 800-624-4493
By wally d.
Moseley, Virginia
February 26, 2017
I don't get up with the chickens!
This is one of the best investments anybody that raises chickens can get. Vacations, no problem! Sleep in, no problem. Their customer service is awesome! I had a problem with the advanced unit (I highly recommend this unit upgrade) called in on a Saturday morning to leave a message and someone was answering the phone and walked me through resetting it. I'm ordering my second unit for the new girls. What are you waiting on?
By Sharon
Watsonville, CA
February 15, 2017
Where has this been all of my life?
Arrived quickly, all parts included. Easy to mount on my existing door. Fairly easy to program. I had messed with the calibration (by mistake) so it wasn't opening as programmed for the first couple of days, but I figured out the calibration problem. Tech support even called back to make sure I had resolved the issue. Chickens adapted to this extremely well (who says chickens aren't smart?).
ProsEasy to install.
ConsFairly easy to program, but I had some problems and I am pretty "computer savvy". Resolved all issues.
By Skip K.
February 14, 2017
Excellent! Should have bought one years ago.
I've used my new coop door for 6 months now and it is absolutely reliable and strong. It is easy to set up the door open/close times, and because it uses lat/long to sync with sunrise and sunset times we don't have to worry at all about the chickens being safe at night. I have it set to open 20 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset, just to make sure they all get in before the door closes. It works perfectly! Peace of mind is wonderful.
ProsGreat design, strong. Easy to install--super easy. Also easy to program.
ConsA little pricy. Worth it in the long run though.
By Charles M.
Greensboro, GA. 30642
February 14, 2017
Auto coop door - advanced
This door has worked great - takes the worry out of the IN/OUT each day! The "sun mode" has worked best for us. We highly recommend this coop door.
ProsWorks very quietly
ConsTakes some time for the proper setup
By val
February 14, 2017
Works good.
By Luv h.
McConnellsburg, PA
February 10, 2017
Best product ever!
I absolutely love this poultry door. Previously I had a poultry butler which was testy (due to limit switches) and not 100% reliable. This door I fully trust and can depend on.
ProsThe craftsmanship and features it offers are outstanding. It is so easy to set up and use. I love the fact that I have the option to use electric or batteries to operate it.
ConsA little pricey but, you are paying for quality so it's well worth it.
By Robert
February 8, 2017
Great product
It was a little difficult to set up and get used to, but once I got that down it has worked beautifully. I wish I could figure out how to use the automatic sun up sun down option, but I will take what I can get and stick with myself auto adjusting the time.
ProsWorks great
ConsDifficult to get used to using
By Joshua F.
Florence Indiana
February 4, 2017
works like a charm
Bought back in the late summer and initially had problems with the product as it would not open according to the set time. After spending considerable time and frustration trying and re-reading the instructions I finally called the company and was informed that they had problems with some of the units due to programming errors and some units got mistakenly sent out. Would have been nice had they communicated with recent purchasers about the problem and advised how to get a replacement. Customer service was very responsive and immediately sent out a replacement timer mechanism with installation instructions for swop out. In 5 minutes had it in and programmed. Worked like a charm and has ever since. Note: I tested the unit prior to cutting hole for final installation. I am very pleased with this unit so and it has been a real positive addition to our coop. Our chickens love it and adapted to it almost immediately. In fact when I was cutting the hole for installation they keep getting in my way going in and out of the whole. I think more comprehensive instructions with pictures or even a dvd would be helpful for those not accustomed to cutting holes and making necessary modifications. I would give this a 5 star except for the things I mentioned above. Other than that it truly works like a charm and I would whole heartedly recommend it.
ProsEasy to install. Solar kit installs easy as well. Reliable unit and uses sensible material.
ConsThe motor/timer unit could use better and tighter gasket design. Plexiglas face could be designed with rubber seal. Dust is always an issue in chicken coop and keeping it out of the inner workings is important.
By Nancy
Whitney, Texas
February 3, 2017
Saved My Hens!
Fabulous door. This door makes securing my hens when I am not home so easy. It is very easy to set up, program and install. Keeps predators out.I love this door, this is my second one. I have one installed on the hen house and one on the feeding area to keep predators out of the feed at night.
ProsSafe, secure, easy to install and program.
By Jen W.
Cle Elum, Washington
February 3, 2017
Changes how you chicken the chicken life
I LOVE this door and can't live without it now. Worth every penny and saves my weekend morning sanity. It has streamlined the morning process so the birds can get a head start on scratching around until I get out there to feed water and spoil. The programming was a bit of a struggle for me but my husband figured it out for me and it works like a charm. Battery wise, we ran the door on ONLY batteries until I finally ran an extension cord out there. If you run the door on batteries, the batteries last about 2-3 months before having to replace them. When the batteries run out, the settings did not reset. So we just popped the fresh batteries in and it was good to go. We use the sun mode and offset by about 20 minutes. If we don't offset the time, some of our birds are a little dumb and don't get into the coop soon enough. In the evening we like to double check and make sure that all the birds made it in. Every once in a while we have to sweep out the grooves to make sure the door closes properly, not a big deal. Install was easy. We just cut a hole in the wall of my coop between the studs with my dewalt jigsaw. Pop the batteries in the litttle computer and push the button to lift the door, place the whole thing where you want it, and outline the open door space and cut with your jigsaw. Screw in place and done. All in all, this a purchase that we would happily make again!! Don't hesitate!! Buy one!!
ProsThe birds get out early even if I don't make it out to the coop early. Makes it easier on your chicken sitters should you need to go on vacation or away on business etc. The sun mode is a great feature and automatically adjusts for sun rise and sunset times. It's great!!
ConsIf you run strictly on batteries, rarely the little computer can act up and not open or not close. Plugging it into power remedies this. It's not a big deal and is easily fixed by overriding and returning the setting to sun mode.
By Joanne
Wamego, Ks
February 3, 2017
love the door... but...
I love the doors... I have ordered four of them for the different coops... but... on one of them, the string that pulls the door up and lowers it back down has broken... and we've not yet been able to find anything that would work as a replacement... I would think that cable would be made with something stronger than string... I need to contact you and see if replacement parts are available...
Merchant Response:Please give our tech support a call. Elam will get it fixed for you 717-435-8341
Prosworks great on the timer
Conshave not been able to get the door set up to raise and lower with the sun... but the timer works well... the string that raises and lowers the door has broken on one of the doors... I hope the other doors don't break as easily...
By Ron
ithaca, ny
February 3, 2017
Occasionally fails
The door fails to open and close in extremely (single digit) cold weather. Other than that it is a good product.
Merchant Response:If its failing in single digit temperatures then its defective. Here is the tech support number. They can get it fixed or replaced for you 717-435-8341.
By Frozen G.
Northern Wisconsin
February 3, 2017
Safety for the Ducks
Got this door to use with ducks since we live in an area with all kinds of predators, ie: badgers, fischer cats,coyotes,raccoons, etc. This has enabled us to keep them safe at night. Love the way it self adjusts to the changing times of the rising and setting of the sun. It was pricey, but has turned out to be worth it. The only thing I wish they would add is a remote so you could close the door quickly without having to go through the menu buttons. It is very well made and has held up and worked well, even with actual temps reaching -26 so far this year alone. We do protect the outside of the entrance opening from blowing snow. It took about a week for the ducks to get used to it, but now they do a great job of 'putting themselves to bed'.
ProsWell built. Advanced models ability to adjust to changing daylight hours. Easy installation.
ConsPricey No quick close option without standing right next to it.
By Denise D.
September 28, 2016
The best
I absolutely love this door. I have two of them and want a third to install in the chicken run. Easy install, works like a charm...
By Celeste R.
September 15, 2016
The best thing that ever happened for me and my chickens!
This is my 2nd door from this company. I compared other models before deciding on which one to get. Besides the fact that is very well made. The feature that is hands down the best is the Sun Mode. I don't have to keep changing the timer as the days get longer/shorter. All I have to do is use the sun mode, and I can add or subtract time when I want it to open and close. I have some chickens that want to go in early and some that don't. Which also brings me to the 2nd chance feature. Which will open and close a 2nd time. Highly recommend this door!
By Cheryl M.
September 14, 2016
Auto Coop Door
I bought this unit 2 years ago and I love it. It was the easiest installation ever. When I did have a small problem with the motor they were so easy and kind to work with!! They sent me the replacement part immediately and bam it was done. I also have the solar pack..wonderful!! I am building a second coop and I am purchasing a 2nd unit as I love the first one so much. Life is easy. Well worth the money !! Buy the best you wont be sorry
By Bobby H.
April 9, 2016
Automatic Chicken Coop Door- Advanced
Love it !! Very easy to install.. I have electric @ my coop. No more getting up early.. I highly recommend !! Thanks soo much
By Peter
March 23, 2016
Just what I needed
Well built. Easy to install and program. Works reliably. One wish: an open/close switch to override the program.
By Kelly P.
March 10, 2016
I love my new chicken door!
I can't believe I waited so long to order the automatic chicken door. What a difference it has made in our lives! It really was simple to install myself. Initially programming it for the correct latitude and longitude was a little tricky, but after a couple of tries, it works wonderfully. I've had it nearly six months and haven't had to think about it since getting it set up right, on about day 2 two! Living as far north as we do, daylight fluctuates quite a bit, so I didn't want to have to keep remembering to reset a timer and wonder if I'd gotten it right. The timer on the advanced door really rocks!
By karen's d.
January 12, 2016
automatic door
love this product, I don't have to worry about being home to let my chickens in or out. The company is wonderful to work with, they helped me program the unit when I first received it in the mail and recently I had to do some trouble shooting and I again they were very patient and helpful. Highly recommend.
By Tom S.
December 14, 2015
Auto opener
You will be totally satisfied with this product. Ease of set-up and install. Dose what they say it will do. Well built of lasting materials, works up and down perfectly; no swinging doors and no worry about late evening or early morning predators like owls. I added 60 minutes to post-sunrise setting for extra security. Thanks for your product!
By Robert M.
November 25, 2015
Automatic Door
I had the automatic door for almost a year and I love it.I only wish they would come out with a Wi-fi Automatic door.Open and close it with your phone.
By Mike
November 16, 2015
Advanced Chicken Door
Well, it works, but it is a struggle. Hard to program and I never could get the "sun mode" to work. So I had to keep the basic setup, and changing time is NOT easy, by the way. So, it works, but I am not real happy with it.
By Ron
November 12, 2015
Good Door - Easy Install
This is a very nice door and beats my other auto door setup hands-down. My only minor complaint is the strip along the bottom threshold meant to keep predator claws from lifting the door should either be higher, or the door itself should lower into a recess groove. I have discovered something as little as a piece of straw sticking out from under the door can be used to easily lift the door high enough to get a finger under the door edge and completely lift the door. Remember, if a toddler can figure it out so can a raccoon. I have installed an additional block on the out side of the door and I check the door nightly for even the smallest debris.
By Merrylin M.
September 10, 2015
Automatic Chicken Coop Door
Love my new automatic chicken door (advanced). Easy to install and program. It's quiet, just the right size and heavy duty. Don't have to wake up early to let the babies out. I am ready for the tons of snow I get. BEST INVESTMENT EVER !
By Heidi
May 4, 2015
Works Great
It isn't clear from the description that this door works automatically based on your GPS coordinates. You look your GPS coordinates up on the site that's in the directions. The sunrise/sunset time adjusts automatically. I have mine set to open 1 hour after sunrise because I've had a coyote hanging around and 15 minutes before sunset. Easy to install. Rather expensive but worth it!
By Gary's H.
November 15, 2014
Advanced chicken coop door A+ in every way!
I bought this for my coop, i have no electric in my coop so the Batteries feature is great till i can hook up some solar panels. It was so simple to set up, cut a hole, screw it in with 4 screws and thats it. The girls took to it right away, what's nice is that i don't have to run outside early in the morning or have to close it in the evening after sunset, Auto all the way! :) This door is very nice, good quality and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a chicken coop. Thank You. SEMPER FI , GOD SPEED.

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